The Canopy

Capitol Village Resort, a serene hideaway near Madikeri, is enveloped by a lush coffee plantation, celebrating Coorg's title as the 'Coffee Capital of India'. The resort's menu is a testament to local flavours, where dishes are infused with homegrown coffee and regional ingredients, offering guests a taste of Coorg's rich culinary heritage. The agricultural landscape of Coorg, with its diverse crops like pepper, cardamom and a variety of fruits, influences the resort's unique dining experience.

Embracing the simplicity and community spirit of Kodava weddings and local festivals like Kailpodh, Kaveri Sankramana and Puthari, the resort embodies Coorg's connection with nature and tradition. Kodava cuisine, characterised by bold, spicy and tangy flavours, is the centrepiece of the resort's culinary offerings. Staples like rice-based Kadambuttu, Papputtu, Noolputtu and Akki Otti are paired with a variety of gravies, including the signature Pandhi curry, enriched with Kachampuli vinegar. Capitol Village Resort invites guests to taste the authentic flavours and cultural richness of Coorg.

Timings: 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Close up of the seating arrangements at The canopy, Capitol Village Resort, Madikeri